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About Us

International professional development and public diplomacy courses in the US and China organized by Comillas in collaboration with Fordham University, Comillas University Foundation for International Education (COMFIE, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Beijing Camino International Cultural Exchange Center (BCC) and Yunnan University.

The US programs are scheduled for three weeks in the month of July and the China Programs are scheduled for two- or four-week sessions during the months of   June-July.  The agenda includes lectures and professional visits to business, organizations, government entities and universities. The program also includes attendance to   conferences and “networking” sessions in English to gain an Inside perspective in the following destinations: Boston, New York, Washington DC, Beijing, Xi ´and Kunming.

The Inside Programs are aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate university students and young professionals with the possibility of validating 4 ECTS credits (consult credit regulations). Limited number of scholarships are available  to help pay tuition fees.  After the programs, participants are invited to join  the Inside Club, a community aimed to promote the professional success of the Inside programs alumni.

What are the objectives of the Inside programs? Offer our participants an intense schedule of conferences and meetings and direct access to officials, professionals and academics who work abroad. Strengthen the leadership of our students in International Relations and in public diplomacy. Facilitate international networking. Facilitate first-person knowledge of current affairs in the world in topics such as globalization, business, economy, politics, international relations, environment, law, technology, social innovation.

José M. Herrero

US Programs Director


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