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These grants are funded by the University itself, along with contributions from the Comillas-ICAI University Foundation and from individuals, businesses, institutions and organizations.

The Study Grant Commission is responsible for allocating University grants and financial aid.

Who is eligible for these grants?estu beca talento

This call for applications is intended for future students with documented academic vocation and professional interest whose families can prove they lack the financial resources to pay for university education. These grants are especially designed for any of our programs related to Education and Social Work.

Incoming students should hold no previous university degree, although special cases may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

What do these grants cover?

These grants consist of reduced tuition fees during the 4 or 5 academic years of the program.

Academic requirements

These grants are automatically renewed each year providing the student progresses to the next academic year on the corresponding curriculum, according to the terms set out in the Call for applications

Financial requirements

Students whose net family income is lower than the thresholds established in each  Call for applications.

Students whose family income is within the brackets set by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in their call for grant applications must apply to the Ministry.

Submission of applications

Incoming students should submit their applications before April 30, 2015.

If a new application period is opened after the initial schedule, students applying in this period can submit a grant application before the corresponding admissions tests.

Current students must submit applications to renew grants for the 2015-16 academic year between March 2 and April 24, 2015.


Application form

Grant simulator

The University has designed a Grant simulator for all potential students to calculate the possibility of obtaining a grant. As this simulator is designed for students applying to this call for applications for University grants, the percentages generated by the simulator are intended as guideline values. For more detailed information, check the Call for applications.

When do I find out if my application has been successful?

Incoming students will find out if they have been awarded financial aid after being accepted by the University and always before the end of the enrolment period.

The renewal of existing aid will be confirmed once the official enrollment period has closed.



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