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Susana da Costa Alves, Executive MBA. Inside Kenya

“Now I have a clear knowledge about Kenya in economic, social and cultural matters. It has also helped me break from the preconceived ideas we have in the Western world about African countries. My expectations have been met.”
Matilde Balaca, Inside New York

“The great variety of cultures, ethnicities, and races which mix in the heart of NY have given me a more international view of the world and have helped me to understand the phenomenon of globalization, which was a common thread in the different seminars. Starting from these concepts, we can explain how a bank like SCH, which started in a small city in Spain, can have one of its branches near Fifth Avenue in New York.”

Laura Martínez, Inside Washington Law

“In the end we were at the hearing of another drugs offense, like in a film, with the prosecutor cross-examining the witnesses. Then the defense attorney tried to defend his client, with the witness swearing he was telling the truth and nothing but the truth. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. There is only a week left on the course now and I am very sad because I am having a great time with all the friends I have made, and the group leaders do everything they can to make sure it all goes well.”

Ángel Prado, Inside Tech USA

"Inside Tech USA is a technical and theoretical experience that really lets you delve further. IW has opened my mind to the global working of companies and corporations. We have had the chance to meet other Engineers, and to speak directly with important executives and senior officers... I really recommend this course, not just for its prestige but also because of its dynamics, to anyone who has concerns and motivations in life; at the end of the day, you can't just stand still.”

 Jaime Rodríguez Macías, Inside China

This was a course which covered all aspects of Chinese culture to give you those first general ideas which let you go into more depth in a specific area. That is one of the big advantages and major benefits that the course gave us: giving us a good general foundation about the country as a basis for studying or working on the subject. What does the average Spanish student know about China?


Frequently asked questions:

What level of English do I need in order to make the most of the course?
It is important to be able to speak and understand English fluently. Apart from certain visits to multilateral organizations and diplomatic missions, the majority of the program is in English, including both the seminars and the question and answer sessions.

What is the accommodation like?
All students are housed in apartments on the university campus, usually consisting of two double rooms.

Are there any other requirements, apart from attending the courses?
Attending the courses is compulsory and is an essential requirement to obtain the diploma. Another essential requirement is to write a report or paper of at least six pages before completing the program.  This should summarize the course, developing in particular some of the themes covered and reflecting on Jesuit education and the role that each individual should play in society.

Is there any kind of extra activity apart from the seminars?
In their free time students can organize visits to places of tourist and cultural interest, as well as receptions and meetings with professionals, sporting activities, culinary outings, etc.

Is there medical insurance?
Yes, Comillas provides medical insurance for each participant in case of illness or accident with coverage in the host country. It is very important for participants to mention any illness they might have or medical treatment they are receiving which might require attention during the journey and stay.

What is a typical day like?
Seminars and interviews are generally organized in the mornings, the first starting at 9:00 am. The majority of the seminars take place in different areas of the city for each program. Each day usually ends at 5:00 pm. The rest of the time, students are free to carry out any activity and spend time with other students from the different universities and the program.