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In addition to studying, planning skills are important in many aspects of life, both in a professional context as well as personal. If you always leave things to the last minute or if you struggle to meet deadlines, it is worth reading this article!

It is clear that the majority of us want to do our work well, but when we invest obscene amounts of time and effort into something without achieving a satisfactory "result", we can find ourselves faced with a problem of perfectionism. 

It is the most common type of exam with which students feel most comfortable. However, we can get confused about the focus of the topic, wrongly calculate the distribution of time or lose points for poor writing.

More information at: Essay exams.pdf

Exam preparation is a personal and individualized process. Each student bases preparation on knowledge, subjects, deadlines, contexts and different habits. As well as spending time studying and staying on top of subjects on a daily basis, we propose several practical recommendations to cope during this period of work.

Learn to handle the factors that affect your concentration, effectively plan your study time and optimize your memory performance.

You can request a copy of this manual from the head of psychoeducational counseling in your regular place of study.