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Commission for Monitoring Indicators and Statistics

With the aim of improving and consolidating university quality assurance systems, through appropriate generation, processing and presentation of data, indicators and statistics regarding the University, the Rector has created the Commission for Monitoring Indicators and Statistics, which has been charged with the following duties:

  • To define the concepts and determine the criteria for appropriate data generation.
  • To validate indicators and statistics according to the previously defined concepts and criteria.
  • To put forward proposals for improving activities and processes related to the generation, processing and presentation of data, indicators and statistics.
  • Any other tasks entrusted to the Commission.

The Commission with be co-chaired by the Vice-Rector for Institutional Relations and University General Registrar´s Office and the Vice-Rector for Organization and Digital Transformation, and meetings will be deemed valid when chaired by either party.
In addition to these Vice-Rectors, the Commission for Monitoring Indicators and Statistics is made up of the following members:

  • Director of the Data Governance and Intelligence Office, Secretary.
  • Director of the Quality Assurance and Prospective Studies Service.
  • Director of the Degree Certificates and Transcripts Service.
  • Director of the Human Resource Office.
  • Director of the Office of Institutional Relations and Protocol.
  • Director of the Information and Communications Technology Systems Support Service (STIC).
  • Director of the Research Results Analysis Unit.

The co-chairing Vice-Rectors can call anyone to Commission meetings when their experience could help with decision-making.

Satisfaction surveys

As part of our commitment to offering quality education, Comillas Pontifical University sends out a large number of satisfaction surveys each year, regarding the education received and the academic staff, as well as the quality of our services, mobility schemes, internships and other topics. The most important of these surveys are summarized below:

  • Student satisfaction
    This survey shows the general level of student satisfaction. It evaluates how the degree program is run, the coordination of subjects, quality of the academic staff, assessment criteria, tutoring, access to lecturers, staff working in administration and services, management teams, satisfaction with services, etc.
  • Satisfaction with the lecturer and the subject
    This is a compulsory survey about all academic staff who teach on a degree program, and is performed at the end of their involvement of the course. It evaluates the student's opinion of the lecturer's knowledge and their teaching and personal skills.
  • Satisfaction with the tutor
    This survey shows the level of student satisfaction with tutors. It evaluates availability, monitoring, resolution of conflicts, information and guidance, etc.
  • Satisfaction with external internships
    One of the distinctive characteristics of Comillas Pontifical University is the strong focus on internships across our entire range of programs. These internships equip our students with the necessary skills to successfully meet the demands of their chosen profession.
    At the end of their internship, students report back on their degree of satisfaction with the center at which the internship took place. This is done through a survey that evaluates the level of professional support they received, the activities they performed and their degree of satisfaction with the internship in general.
  • Satisfaction with mobility management
    Surveys are sent out to both incoming and outgoing exchange students, in order to evaluate academic quality, the support, information and guidance received, degree of integration, accommodation and facilities, academic recognition, linguist preparation, expenses and personal experience.
  • Post-university employment
    A survey on post-university employment is performed 6 months after students graduate from Comillas, in collaboration with the Internship and Careers Office, in order to record the employment status of our graduates, the relationship between the training they received and the demands of their current jobs, etc.
    On the other hand, the Quality Assurance and Prospective Studies Service performs a study on post-university employment 2 years after students finish their degrees. This second study allows us to see how the views of the same students change over time.
  • Lecturer satisfaction
    This survey shows the general level of lecturer satisfaction. It evaluates the Syllabi; student tutoring, assessment and guidance systems; the facilities and resources available to academic staff; the University's policy on research activities, teaching and innovation; and our general services.

Results and indicators

The rates and main indicators of satisfaction with official degree programs at Comillas Pontifical University can be found below: