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Social Work Unit

About us

The Institutional Declaration of the University refers to the aim that "each person forming part of our University shall receive a comprehensive education: focusing not only on academic training but also on their own free will, human and ethical awareness (...) in order for UPCOMILLAS to contribute to the full personal development of all of its students".

This objective can only be achieved by offering the university community a wide range of services where the needs of its members are taken into account. This is exactly where the Social Work Unit takes on its true meaning.

Any member of our community may, either in a structural sense or temporarily, feel the need for support from the Social Work Unit: students, lecturers or non-teaching staff from administration and services.

A good university is identified not only by its academic excellence but also by the quality and "friendliness" of the services it offers.

The Social Work Unit particularly deals with those members of the community with some type of disability, trying to relieve its consequences and offer the most appropriate type of support according to the particular circumstances of each individual case. However, the Social Work Unit covers many issues with its intention to provide the University with an effective service and to help achieve comprehensive university education, whereby one example of this is the support offered for social and family needs, guidance for specific problems that affect or concern the family, referral to specialist services, support for tutor care regarding any social and family needs raised by the students, support for students with a lack of economic resources, urban camps for children of staff...

I encourage you to visit the website so that you can find out for yourself what we are doing and, if you like, you can give us ideas regarding how to improve this service.

Ana García-Mina Freire
Vice-Rector for Community Services and Students

Why a social work unit?

The Social Work Unit is a Promotional Service of the University Community which provides both general and/or primary tailored care to all members of the Comillas University Community (students, teaching staff, administration and services staff). At the S.W.U. you can receive guidance regarding the specific needs of the elderly, small children, family relationships, illness of a family member, financial problems or adapting to the university environment.

Ultimately, guidance on how to deal with and overcome any difficulties or social needs that arise in the family and academic environment.

What are our objectives?

To take care of the social, family and personal needs of the members forming part of the University Community with the aim of improving their quality of life and social welfare, paying special attention to those who find themselves in particularly problematic situations or in especially disadvantaged conditions.

To take care of any community social needs resulting from university life itself in relation to the different groups found within it, with the aim of helping to improve the general quality and welfare within the University.



Opening hours: From 09:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00

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