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Función tutorial

Each class group has a designated lecturer from the corresponding faculty or school to act in the capacity of tutor. This tutor is usually a lecturer who delivers classes to the group and is therefore close and easily accessible to the students.

Tutors play a crucial role in assisting with the integration of students in university life, thereby significantly reducing the possibility of academic failure which is so widespread in other universities.

The main responsibilities of tutors are:

  • Regularly organize meetings with all students in the group
  • Monitor the academic performance of students
  • Detect special circumstances of students, which are reflected in lack of attendance, poor academic performance, difficulties with a certain subject, etc. The tutor meets with the student in these circumstances in order to assess the situation and propose the most appropriate measures
  • The tutor acts as a communication channel between students and the Head of Studies on group-related issues: timetables, lecturers, subjects, exam timetable, facilities, etc.

Tutoring action plans are one of the distinctive attributes of our university which guarantee the academic success of our students. Coordinated by the Head of Studies, tutors work in teams to prevent difficulties, to share action strategies and to put new solutions into practice for emerging problems.