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Study grants and financial aid from the University

University study grants and financial aid are funded through University funds and contributions from the Comillas-ICAI University Foundation, the Fund of Church Grants, the non-autonomous foundation for candidates to the priesthood and other organizations and individuals.

Financial aid and grants for Nursing and Physical Therapy programs are organized by the School of Nursing and Physical Therapy and the Brothers Hospitallers of San Juan de Dios (Bética Province).

The Study Grant Commission will decide on the award of University grants and financial aid according to the funds allocated to this service each academic year.

Students who wish to renew a grant can do so between March 1 and April 22, 2016. Students at Ecclesiastical Faculties and student members of religious or diocesan communities can also renew grants during this period. Incoming students should apply for grants and financial aid during the dates set for submitting their University Application.

Who is eligible for these grants?

University study grants are intended for future Bachelor's Degree students at Comillas.

What do these grants cover?

University study grants consist of a partial reduction of tuition fees for Bachelor's Degree programs.

How long do these grants last?

Grants are awarded for one academic year, with renewal subject to reapplication.

Students whose family income is within the brackets set by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in their call for grant applications must apply to the Ministry.

Academic requirements

  1. Incoming students should not already have a university degree. Exceptions may be made in special circumstances.
  2. Students should register for subjects or credits amounting to no less than 60% of the average amount for a regular academic year. Financial aid is not usually awarded for academic years or subjects that are being repeated or for credits above the amount recommended by the authorities managing the corresponding academic year of the degree. The student's academic performance, as assessed by the corresponding academic authority, will be taken into account in all cases.

Financial requirements

Students whose net family income is lower than the thresholds established in each call for applications are eligible to apply for study grants and financial aid. If various siblings are studying at the University at the same time, these earnings increase by 15% per sibling, from the third child onward. For more information, see Call for applications

Applying for Bachelor's Degree study grants and financial aid

Incoming students should submit their applications before the dates given below:

Faculty of Law April 28, 2016
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration April 28, 2016
ICAI School of Engineering May 06, 2016
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences April 28, 2016
'San Juan de Dios' University School of Nursing and Physical Therapy July 01, 2016

If the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences opens a new period for applying to any of its courses after the initial schedule, students at this faculty can submit a grant application before the corresponding admissions tests.

Financial aid from the San Juan de Dios' University School of Nursing and Physical Therapy is available to students looking to study the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing or the Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy. Diploma holders looking to take the Adaptation Course to the Bachelor's Degree in Nursing/ Physical Therapy are not eligible to apply for this financial aid.

Current students must submit applications to request or renew financial aid (academic years 2016-2017) between March 1 and April 22, 2016.


Application forms can be downloaded from this page via the  Application form link and Tax Agency certificates can also be obtained directly from this page.

Grant simulator

The University has designed a Grant simulator for all potential students to calculate the possibility of obtaining a grant from the University.

When do I find out if my grant application has been successful?

Incoming students will be informed about the result of their application after being formally offered a place at the University. All other students will be informed after the close of the enrollment period for the academic year for which the application is made.

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